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Popcorn is as nutritious as fruit and vegetables

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These days, it seems like new studies on nutrition come out almost every day. And while most seem to confirm what we already thought was healthy or bad for us, this one is surprising, reported Newsner.

It turns out that a serving of everyone’s favorite snack, popcorn, actually meets our recommended daily intake of whole grains.

Researchers at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania have come to the conclusion that popcorn is as healthy as we always wished it was. A serving of popcorn satisfies our recommended intake of whole grains for one day.

Popcorn is rich in antioxidants
Not only does popcorn also contain antioxidants, which could lower the body’s cholesterol levels, it contains an antioxidant called polyphenol in particular. This antioxidant, which can fight certain types of cancer, is also found in vegetables and fruits — and it’s what makes them (and popcorn) so healthy, according to The Healthy Home Economist.

The researchers argue that this antioxidant isn’t as effective when it’s mixed with water, so the polyphenol in popcorn is actually more beneficial than that in vegetables and fruit, according to the study done at the University of Scranton.

Skip the butter and salt
However, you should know that the most nutritious part is the shell — or the part that usually gets stuck between your teeth after a movie night.

If you just want to get the benefits of eating popcorn and none of the negatives, skip the butter and salt and save yourself some calories.

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