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Postal service suspended in Swedish “No-Go” zone

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Several police officers in the Swedish city of Gothenburg were attacked with Molotov cocktails by “young men” in the second night of rioting in the “no-go” Hammarkullen area, reported Breitbart (US).

Police say the rioting originally started on Saturday evening when they were attacked by several “youths” who threw rocks at them. The officers decided to increase their presence the following day but were attacked once again in the evening by more young men, this time armed with Molotov cocktails, Göteborgs-Posten reports.

At 9:53 pm on Sunday evening, police were called to the area after receiving a call about a car being on fire in a local garage. As soon as the officers arrived, they were attacked by young men who threw a Molotov cocktail at them.

Police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg stressed the danger of the attack saying: “Of course it is highly dangerous as uniforms or anything else could ignite.”
Officers discovered a cache of nine more Molotovs in the area and confiscated them. Three young men aged between 18 and 20 were arrested at the scene after they attempted to flee.

“One of them had plastic gloves on that smelled of gasoline. So we’ll see if we can connect some of those suspected of involvement to those in any way involved in the riots,” Fuxborg said.
After midnight, the area returned to a relative calm. So far, authorities have produced two charges of rioting, one of assaulting a police officer and another of vandalism of the car that was torched.

Hammarkullen is considered one of 55 no-go zones where police are not welcome and are often attacked. In December last year, police had to use a helicopter and special police forces to return order to the area after multiple cars were set on fire.

There are also several no-go areas in the Swedish capital of Stockholm that have seen both attacks on the police and riots in recent months. In the suburb of Rinkeby in February, cars were set ablaze, and shops were looted after the arrest of a local youth for drug offences.

Film taken by a police body camera emerged in March which showed how local youths, many who come from migrant backgrounds, showed no respect for police and told officers they had no authority in the area.


The Swedish postal service has been forced to suspend service to Rinkeby after declaring the area “unsafe” for workers. So if the no-go zones in Sweden are simply ‘fake news’, as the mainstream media would suggest, perhaps they should give the ‘all clear’ to Rinkeby’s postal workers who are refusing to even go outside, reported InfoWars.

The reason is that it is not considered safe for postal staff to deliver the mail at some locations in the area.

It’s been messy in the area and therefore a protective stop to ensure the safety of our staff, says Maria Ibsen, press officer at PostNord.
She says that they currently do not know how long the protective stop will continue. But the dialogues with several parties and hope to be able to solve.


The Swedish capital was slowly, but resolutely, regaining its normal rhythm as details about the 39-year-old suspect in the attack emerged. Police said he had been ordered to leave Sweden in December because his request for a residence permit was rejected six months earlier, reported Breitbart (US).

Instead, he allegedly went underground, eluding authorities’ attempts to track down and deport him until a hijacked beer truck raced down a pedestrian street and rammed into an upscale department store on Friday.
“It makes me frustrated,” Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told Swedish news agency TT on Sunday.

Sweden has long been known for its open-door policy toward migrants and refugees. But after the Scandinavian country of 10 million took in a record 163,000 refugees in 2015 – the highest per-capita rate in Europe – the government has tried to be more selective about which newcomers it allows to stay.

Swedish police said Sunday they had received roughly 12,500 referrals from the Swedish Migration Board of people who, like the suspect in the truck attack, had overstayed their welcome.

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