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Prince William prepares for fatherhood, leaves RAF

Prince William is getting ready to make bigger concessions to his family-in-the-making.

The heir to the British throne has submitted his formal notice with the Search and Rescue Force at Royal Air Force Valley in Anglesey, Wales, a military source confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

The helicopter pilot's current tour with the RAF concludes this summer.

His work there kept him away from Kate, and the cozy farmhouse they shared with dog Lupo, for as many as 10 24-hour shifts each month – tells a source to PEOPLE Magazine.

William has said he loves his work with the RAF, but he loves his wife and baby-to-be even more - quotes the mag the source.

"He's ready for the next step," says the source. The couple's baby joy has brought them even closer, say those who know them. "They've always been close but it's been much more pronounced since she has become pregnant," says royals author Judy Wade.

The source adds that William "will be making an announcement within the next month and leave RAF Valley around the time of the birth."

It was announced on Tuesday, March 26 that Britain's search-and-rescue helicopter service is set to be privatized, after being operated by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force for more than 50 years. Texas-based firm Bristow scored the winning bid to operate Britain's "SAR" going forward.

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