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Private security hired to safeguard trucks in Mexico

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Firms shipping goods in Puebla have had to resort to paying for security out of their own pockets due to an unprecedented surge in thefts on the Mexico City-Puebla highway, reported Mexico News Daily.

The logistics and transportation manager of the Puebla-based manufacturer Grupo Cipsa Industrias estimated that the extra investment in security has in some cases meant a four-fold increase in the cost of production of the transported goods.

Héctor Arroyo Carrasco said thefts continue to increase despite the presence of state police patrol cars on the highway, especially between San Martín Texmelucan and the Esperanza tollbooths. On average, he explained, eight of every 10 trucks are robbed.

In response, companies are hiring private security firms to provide armored trucks, patrol cars and security guards that accompany the drivers and their cargo.

According to Arroyo, the most popular trucks among thieves are those carrying food, textiles, metal products and to a lesser degree automotive parts.

Insurance companies no longer wish to insure cargos because of the robberies, he continued, so costs have to be covered by the businesses.

While this kind of robbery occurs throughout the country, Arroyo said, it’s noteworthy in Puebla because the crime had never been as frequent as it was last year, which made the state the worst in the country.

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