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Pro-Russia president in Bulgaria, Moldova

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Bulgarian Socialist ally Rumen Radev, a Russia-friendly newcomer to politics, has won the Bulgarian presidential election, partial official results show, reported 9News.

Former air force commander Radev won 59.4 per cent of the vote, compared with 36.2 per cent for the candidate of the ruling centre-right GERB party, Tsetska Tsacheva, with 99.3 percent of polling stations counted.

It comes after preliminary showed a pro-Russian candidate winning the race for president in Moldova following a campaign in which he vowed to slam the brakes on seven years of closer integration with the European Union..

With 98 per cent of votes counted, online results showed Socialist candidate Igor Dodon had won 54 per cent, and his pro-European challenger, Maia Sandu, had just under 45 per cent in elections on Sunday.

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