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Racing pigeon found by Navy ship out at sea

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A racing pigeon that took a wrong turn and ended up 483km out in the Atlantic Ocean is to be returned to her owner after being rescued by a crew on a Royal Navy ship.

The pigeon was mistakenly called Paul after the crew members on the HMS Somerset wrongly mistook the bird for a male.

Despite the slight, the pigeon will be thankful to her carers for feeding, watering and giving her attention.

'Paul' the pigeon, sea
‘Paul’ the pigeon got lost at sea (Picture: PA)
The sex of the bird was eventually determined by leading seaman William Hughes, who was an ex-pigeon fancier.

He said: ‘It was a stroke of luck that Paul found Somerset.

‘She will certainly have a few sea stories to tell her fellow pigeons.’

The bird will now be returned to owner Gil Hartshorn, 75, from Redcar, Cleveland after he was identified through its ID ring.

The retired welder had entered her in a cross-Channel race from France when she went missing.

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Location: Atlantic Ocean
Location: Atlantic Ocean
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