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Snow leaves people without electricity across UK

Yellow weather warning has been issued as snow is disrupting travel, schools and power supplies across the UK.

About 70 motorists were rescued after becoming stuck in snow drifts in Cumbria. Police and mountain rescue teams, including the Bay Search and Rescue Team, helped people stuck on the A595, taking them to an evacuation centre set up at a school. Road closures are present across the UK.

Friday's weather saw hundreds of schools closed across Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

In Belfast, more than 200,000 electricity customers were affected by a blackout. Northern Ireland Electricity said that at one stage the blackout swept across the whole of Belfast after an issue with the high voltage transmission network. 3000 homes were also without electricity in north Wales.

Train operations are also down on many areas and services are substituted by buses where it is possible. Some airports, such as Leeds, have been temporarily shut down thus travelers are advised to check airport status before departure.

Torrential rain and mudslide caused a house to collapse in Looe, Cornwall, killing a woman who has not been found.

Pregnant Duchess Kate Middleton disregarded severe weather paying a visit to a Lake District scout camp in Cumbria to promote scouting.

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