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Snowboarder becomes engulfed in terrifying avalanche

When Sorin Radu travelled up the Papusa Mountain in Gorj, Romania last week, the sky was blue and the snow untouched. Conditions seemed pristine.

However, as you can see in the footage above, just one turn on his snowboard created a potentially deadly avalanche.

Radu mounts his board at an altitude of 2,135 metres and begins sliding down the mountain. As he then begins a left turn, you can see a disturbance in the snow that begins from his board and snakes forward.

A couple of seconds later and the whole mountainside seems to be moving. Radu is suddenly caught in an avalanche, with the tumbling snow knocking him off his feet.

The lens of the GoPro video camera that he is wearing on his head becomes covered with pure white snow as he continues to fall down the mountainside.

Just under half a minute later, the volunteer mountain rescuer and snow sports instructor reaches a standstill. His backpack and snowboard are behind him on the mountainside, but he appears to have survived the ordeal in one piece.

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