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Soon, you could send messages to aliens in space

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A new project is asking people having an internet connection to help beam messages into outer space in an attempt to make our presence in the universe known, reported the Deccan Chronicle.

According to officials, the Lone Signal project will be humanity's first-ever attempt to send continuous messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence.

Scientists who have collaboration with Lone Signal have chosen a particular spot in space and all messages sent through the company's network will be transmitted to a star system called Gliese 526 - located 17.6 light-years from Earth, Fox News reported.

Lone Signal chief science officer Jacob Haqq-Misra said that Gliese 526 is a good candidate for harbouring life, as it has been identified in the Catalog of Nearby Habitable Systems.

Upon its launch, Lone Signal operators will begin to send messages to Gliese 526 using the Jamesburg Earth Station, a central California radio dish built in 1968.

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