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Stark pictures of Chernboyl shrouded in snow

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An abandoned fairground, a school hall covered with gas masks and a deserted nursery - these are the haunting images of a town devastated by nuclear disaster nearly 30 years ago caught on camera by a British photographer.

Amateur photographer, Ryan Field, 26, from East Sussex, took the photos in Pripyat, the city famous for the Chernobyl disaster which shook the world in 1986.
Mr Field, who works as a window fitter had always wanted to photograph Pripyat and hoped that it would be snowing when he planned his visit.

Being taken around the city with a guide, Mr Field got to step foot inside many buildings although some lots of them are prohibited due to health and safety fears.
He said: 'The guards gave me quite a cold welcome at first, but as I was being escorted around the city by a tour guide, they backed off a little giving me a chance to get some great shots in places others may not have been.
He said: 'I feel really lucky that I got to go inside the buildings that by law you are not supposed to enter, after a German tourist fell through a floor there.'

The accident occurred during a systems test on April 26, 1986 and created a huge explosion and fire which released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, spreading over western USSR and Europe.
Soviet officials did not report the disaster for several days.

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