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Stewardess killed by electroshock from iPhone 5 while being charged

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The news first appeared on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, posted Saturday under the official @Stewardess network account, writes CNN.

Crudely translated, it read:
"Ma Ailun, China Southern Airlines flight attendants, a soon to be married bride, August 8th is her wedding! The 16th is her birthday, the evening of 11 July 2013, with not buy Genuine iPhone5 to one year while charging through a phone call, suddenly a strong current of electricity down ...... so never left, left her groom! only 23 years old! for her silence, we caution apple and charging treasure."

In a country already obsessed -- for good or ill -- with Apple (AAPL) products, the news of Ma Ailun's death spread rapidly. Within minutes, the @Stewardess network message had been reposted more than 3,000 times, along with warnings to never answer a cellphone while it's plugged into a wall charger.

Four days later, the details of Ma Ailun's death at age 23 are still murky. Police in Xinjiang, the province in northwestern China where the incident took place, confirmed to local reporters that she was electrocuted, although they could not identify the source of the current that killed her.

Ms. Ma's iPhone 5, according to her family, was purchased in December and was still under warranty. The family told @Stewardess network that she had left a bath to answer a call.

Over the years, there have been other reports of people being electrocuted while handling a charging cellphone.

But these reports are extremely rare and they seem to always come out of India.

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