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Students launch first ever hamburger to space

In early November five Harvard University students decided to send the first ever hamburger to space. They named their project “Operation Skyfall”. The hamburger reached 90,000ft before the balloon burst and its ascending journey came to an end. Following this, the burger was shooting towards the Earth with 150km/h. The experimental students found the burger 210 km away, in Boston.
The burger is not the only item that has become famous for approaching space by a balloon.
For the sake of a music video, in 2010 a toy robot was sent to 95,000ft, near to space. In 2011 Natty Light beer became the first beer in space when the can reached the altitude of 90,000ft. Two Canadian teenagers became media celebrities after an attempt to send a Lego man to space in early 2012. The mini-figure reached 78,000ft.

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Location: Massachusetts, USA
Location: Massachusetts, USA
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