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Sweden holds plane passenger after 'bomb claim'

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A man has been detained by Swedish police after trying to enter the cockpit on an Emirates flight from Dubai - reports Sky News.

Crew onboard the flight handcuffed the man during the flight and handed him over to police when the plane landed at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, police spokesman Albin Naverberg said. Swedish tabloid Expressen reported the man began running through the plane, screaming he had a bomb, about an hour after departure from Dubai.  Passengers and staff wrestled him to the ground when he tried to gain entry to the cockpit, it reported.

The man reportedly spent the remaining six hours of the flight lying on the floor in first class. He was detained on suspicion of preparing aircvraft sabotage after police had interviewed members of the crew. Mr Naverberg said police had no details of any explosives on the flight and declined to comment further.

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