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Tacky Christmas sweater store opened in Dallas

A new store in Dallas is the answer to everyone's holiday dilemma: Where to find this year's frumpy, awkward Christmas sweater.

A Dallas store is making unfashionable cool by selling tasteless and tacky holiday sweaters. Its owner is making money from monstrous looking glitter to macrame.

The piece of clothing only grandma used to wear to showcase her love for cats and your initials has evolved into a fashion tradition in December, and the Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop has thousands of frumpy pullovers for you to choose from.

The store, with a serious sweater collection - around 10,000 - opened at the beginning of December, just for a month. If you can't make it there until Dec. 21, to raid its vintage collection, do not worry, take a deep breath, because they have a website too.

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