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Terror Police Search Forest In Hunt For Gunmen

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Anti-terror police are searching dense woodland northeast of Paris after two gunmen suspected of killing 12 people in the Charlie Hebdo magazine attack were sighted - reported the SkyNews.

Two men reportedly fitting the descriptions of brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi stole fuel and food from a petrol station near Villers-Cotterets, in the northern Aisne region, 43 miles (70km) from Paris, this morning.

Heavily-armed police have finished searching the village of Crepy-en-Valois, 10 miles (16km) from the petrol station.

They are now focusing on a stretch of countryside spanning from Soissons, through Abbaye de Longpont, right up to Villers-Cotteret.

Crepy-en-Valois' mayor Bruno Fortier said he could not confirm reports the men were holed up in a house in the area.

"It's an incessant waltz of police cars and trucks," he told Reuters.

Jones said the picture is one of "utter confusion" and there are many rumours flying around.

Earlier the men, wearing balaclavas, were spotted travelling on the N2 road in the direction of Paris in a Renault Clio which had weapons on its back seat and its number plates covered.

AFP said the pair had Kalashnikovs and what appeared to be a rocket-launcher.

RAID, the French anti-terrorist unit, and GIGN, a paramilitary special operations unit, have been deployed in the region.

But Jones said it would appear the suspects are "a step or two ahead" of authorities at the moment.

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