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The Beatles and Elvis Presley in chart battle

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The Beatles and Elvis Presley - two of the most successful pop music acts of all time - could fight it out for the number one spot next week in the UK album charts - reports Sky News.

The Beatles 'On Air: Live At The BBC Volume 2', which has 63 tracks and is released on Monday, contains 37 previously unreleased live performances and 23 unreleased recordings. A new Elvis best-of album, The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs, was released on November 4. An ITV programme to accompany its release will air tonight. History suggests both records will jostle for position in the charts - greatest hits album 'Elvis the King' claimed the top spot in 2007, as did Volume One of the Beatles' BBC Sessions released in 1994.

Showbiz journalist Kevin Hughes said: "I think this Elvis Presley album probably will get to Number One simply because there's a big advertising spend, there's a big push from Sony Music for this album, there's an ITV special, fans have been voting for their favourite songs for the TV show and the estate have compiled some of the greatest songs ever recorded - these are some of the greatest songs of all time. "But with the Beatles, yes it's a bit niche but you have to remember that the last record in 1994 - volume one of these BBC sessions - won a Grammy and was one of the biggest selling releases of that year."

The Beatles On Air may out-sell Paul McCartney's latest album, but the former Beatle told Sky News there was no point trying to recreate the success of the past. "To come up with something new that's good is difficult because you're stacking them against the stuff you've done. But you've just got to forget that," he said. "I love writing songs so I just have to say to myself 'don't even try and better the old ones, just get on with it,' so I do. But I love doing it so much."

Securing the Number One spot next weekend could be tricky for both acts though, with tough competition from current artists more likely to benefit from digital downloads. Elvis currently holds the record for the most Top 10 albums on the UK chart and for the most Number One Singles in the UK, with 21 hits. The Beatles are the best-selling band of all time and have had the most Number One albums in the UK, with 15.

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