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The mystery of Crooked Cottage: Home abandoned in 1950s is untouched

Known as the Crooked Cottage, this mysterious, rural Hertfordshire home still has a made-up double bed, full jars of gooseberries and a calendar - dating back to December 1956 – reports The Daily Mail.

It is said to have been lived in by a married couple.

When the husband died, his wife remained there until being taken into care.
Left-over household items - including a women's bicycle, an old-style oven and family portraits - suggest no one has been in the house for years.

The inside of the home was discovered by Toby Batchelor, an urban explorer photographer.

'In the field of urban exploration it doesn’t get better than something like this,' the Derby man said.

'What we see is someone's life story, left to rot in this old, run-down cottage.
'There were lots of trinkets, family photos, furniture and items left behind which tell a story.'

The house is undisturbed, with clothes hanging out of old drawers, pickled fruit jars on kitchen surfaces and records waiting to be played on the vinyl player.

There are also portraits that look even older, including of two young girls with work aprons on.

The foundations of the house have eroded, leading to the home being called the Crooked Cottage.

'The building itself was so tiny, like something out of a film,' Mr Batchelor said.
'It had only one upstairs room and the whole building had begun to be reclaimed by the elements.

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