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The tree that just won't die

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Nestled in the Olympic National Park in Washington is a tree that appears to defy the laws of gravity.
Hanging on for dear life, the Tree of Life is stretched over a large void and has managed to attach in place by a few tough tendrils of root.
The surprising growth has resulted from the cliff slowly eroding over time, but despite this the giant tree continues to thrive.

Many of the tree's roots can be seen dangling and exposed, with a large cave having formed underneath.
The hollowed area, commonly known as Tree Root Cave, is said to have been caused by a stream that flows to the Kalaloch beach at the base of the growth.

The incredible tree still manages to sprout fresh green leaves every spring despite its roots having very little contact with soil.
And even though a number of storms hit the coastal area, it it hasn't toppled over and has remained resilient.
Although it doesn't have an official name, it is commonly known as The Tree of Life and The Runaway Tree.

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