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The world’s first smart police station

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A new generation of police stations in Dubai was unveiled on Saturday by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, in the City Walk, that witnessed the launch of the world’s first smart police station, reported Gulf Today (UAE).

The station will provide 60 services, including 27 basic, divided into traffic, criminal, recreational and educational and has no military or civilian personnel.

Dubai Police on Sunday organised a media tour of the police station to identify its mechanism of work, progress of transactions and services provided.

Brigadier Khalid Al Razouqi, Director of Smart Services Department at the Police Station, said, “This station is one of several smart police stations that will be provided later in various areas in the emirate to provide the daily regular services around the clock with the full privacy.” This will make it easy for many people to access the services anytime, while the number of visitors of regular police stations is anticipated to decrease by 80 per cent, he added.

The station will fully operate without personnel, while the pilot phase that will continue for two months will have a technical support employee and another administrative to help the customers during this phase, he explained.

He said that the station is fully monitored by smart cameras, with touch screens to complete transactions, service centres connected via a screen and a smart device to an investigator on duty to receive criminal reports, cheques complaints and others. The customer shall provide the details of the complaint in an e-application. Then, the investigator will communicate through a video conference on the screen to get further information. The compliant file will be then signed by the customer through a scanner, while a copy of it will be printed out for the customer. The second step will be proceeded, including circulation measures and other procedures.

Al Razouqi said that the electronic signature will be adopted in next November, noting that the customers shall identify themselves via ID card or passport or as a visitor, followed by filling the required data ( name, mobile number, email) on the smart screen. All the services provided shall appear to choose the required one and then start following the steps.

The customers can file complaints also for missing items, or keep the found items in the box installed in the station by mentioning the specifications and information on the smart screen.

He pointed out that the investigation officers generally speak Arabic and English, but in case a client speaks another language, an officer who speaks that language will be provided.

There is also a waiting area provided with smart video games, which are educational awareness games and books too. Furthermore, there are smart glasses that show the services and guide the clients on how to complete the transactions.

The station will provide various services like criminal, traffic or cheques, reporting missing persons, reporting deaths, obtaining a night work permit, entry of a dead body, or to whom it may concern certificates, reporting a detained passport and the period of arrest of a person, labour complaint, insulting and abusing, breach of trust, threat, assault, reporting of suspicious vehicles, offences, alcohol and drug abusers, sale of telephone balances, begging, providing information, ethical issues and many other services.

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