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The world’s most expensive private object

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This boat takes luxury to a whole new level — many metres below sea level.
A boat company has come up with the world’s first submersible super yacht, reported (Australia).

Yep, the luxury yacht turns into a submarine — for all those times you need to go under the water undetected. And it comes with a price tag that could make it the most expensive private object in the world.

The company behind the vessel, Migaloo, claims that it can build private submersible super yachts and floating islands of any size, The Sun reports.

The yachts are inspired by modern Zumwalt-class destroyer ships and are available from 72 metres to 283 metres long.

The M7 is the largest model at 283 metres and features its own outdoor pool and jacuzzi, cinema room, gaming room and helipad.

There is also a wine room, library, elevator, several bars and beach clubs, according to the owner’s designs.

A 36-seat dining room with glass walls allows guests to watch fish swim by as they eat.

There is plenty of space for everyone to get some privacy too — the M7 has an entire 2100 square metre private living quarters for the owner, as well as 1000 square metres of reception areas and 400 square metres of guest accommodation.

In addition, there are six hangars for the owner to store their mini-submarines, small boats, cars and water sports equipment.

Migaloo CEO Christian Gumpold previously revealed to Bloomberg the M7 yacht doesn’t have a specific price, but said it was sure to be “the most expensive private object worldwide.”
A report cited by Bloomberg estimated the price to be around $3 billion.

The cleverest thing about submerging your yacht during a storm is that you can avoid choppy waters.
The yachts can submerge themselves by up to 283 metres — and can stay under for several weeks.

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