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The World's Smallest Island Has Just a House and a Tree On

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What would you do if you won the lottery? Chances are you've got a pretty specific vision of how you'd invest your new riches - or you've at least got a stock answer ready to roll, something along the lines of 'oh, I'd just go and live on an island somewhere'- reported LADbible (US).

Well, what if you could only afford a really tiny island? This one, for instance, only has enough room for a house and a tree.

Yes, the handily-titled Just Enough Room Island (it's not just a clever name) is the world's smallest inhabited island - no bigger than a tennis court, according to Condé Nast Traveler. Not much room for a kickabout in the garden, eh?

Part of the Thousand Islands archipelago, which straddles the Saint Lawrence River between the US and Canada, it was once known as Hub Island before being purchased by the Sizeland family in 1950.

After building a house and planting a tree for what was intended as a quiet weekend getaway location in Alexandria Bay, New York, the Sizelands renamed the property - only for a constant stream of fascinated tourists to put an end to those holiday plans. Bollocks.

Can't have been that relaxing, mind, because as the Washington Post noted: "One misstep and you're swimming."

The less-accurately-named Thousand Islands actually comprise 1,864 islands on the St. Lawrence River, separating New York state and the Canadian province of Ontario.

Just Enough Room Island is the nearest island in the archipelago to the famous Boldt Castle - a tourist attraction and landmark which was originally built as a private mansion for the millionaire George Boldt between 1900-1904.

Located on Heart Island, the Castle is currently maintained by the Thousand Island Bridge Authority as a tourist attraction, which presumably explains how so many visitors manage to stumble across its smaller neighbour.

Measuring around 3,300 square feet, Just Enough Room Island is approximately half the size of Bishop Rock near the Isles of Scilly - previously regarded as the world's smallest inhabited island before its lighthouse became automated in 1982, leading to the end of its 'inhabited' status.

I mean, judging by photos it's also got enough room for some plastic lawn furniture, and it certainly looks pretty nice in the blazing sun. Imagine being in that house at high tide, though?

Nah, I reckon I'll take a leaf out of Boldt's book and save my millions for one of those private mansions.

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