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Thrill-seekers pitch their tents over a ravine

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Slackliner Andy Lewis and 11 of his friends swapped picnics for parachutes on a daredevil adventure aboard a 'midair campsite' in Moab, Utah.

He said: 'The best thing is that you are high enough to parachute off the net. You can literally step out of your tent, fall off the net, and fly away.
'I am totally intrigued by the height. It is frustratingly scary and quite distracting.

It was only this year that he managed to finally build it - with the help of fellow adventurers the Moab Monkeys.
The majority of the system was connected on the ground and needed 12 people rigging at the same time to pull it into the air.

The slacklines were 55m, 60m and 70m long and the entire network - weighing 300lbs - took 24 hours to secure.
They named it the 'Space Thong' - because of its resemblance to a giant G-string.

The crew then took turns highlining, base-jumping and falling 350ft on a rope swing.

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