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Top weird extreme winter sports

Extreme winter sports are widely practiced. There are some extreme sports that go far beyond the standard and could even be called “ultra-extreme”. The video shows some of them including:
Winter tubing - activity where an individual rides on top of an inner tube that is being pulled by vehicle.

Ice racing is a form of racing that uses all-terrain vehicles. Ice racing takes place on frozen lakes or specially groomed grounds.

Snow kayaking is when people hike kayaks and slide down ski slopes.

Kite snowboarding - in kite snowboarding the wind is guiding your way through the snow. This sport is just like regular snowboarding but kite is helping you.

Shovel racing –is a unique sport that began in the 1970s when ski lift operators were looking for a quick way to get down the slopes once the lifts closed. Today, shovel races use modified shovels that can reach speeds of up to 100km/h.

Ice climbing is an activity evolved out of rock climbing when mountaineers in high altitudes had to learn how to navigate icy areas. Climbers developed specialized gear and tools and began to seek out icy climbs such as frozen waterfalls.

The sport of skijoring began hundreds of years ago as a way to travel during long winters. Today, skiers can harness themselves to dogs, horses or even motor vehicles.

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