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Tornadoes tear through New Orleans and Louisiana

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Louisiana is recovering after at least three tornadoes ripped through the southern state, reported Sky News.

Dozens of people were injured and around 10,000 homes left without electricity, but no fatalities were reported, according to Governor John Bel Edwards.

Mr Edwards said seven parishes were hit by the tornadoes on Tuesday but the worst damage was seen in the same ward that was heavily flooded during Hurricane Katrina.

Local media, quoting the National Weather Service, said that about 60 houses and structures in New Orleans East had received "varying degrees of damage".

Firefighters have been searching for anyone trapped in the debris and, while initial operations found nothing, more are planned to examine the damage more carefully.

Mr Edwards said he has called in the Louisiana National Guard to secure the area and he promised that the state would help those affected by the tornadoes as quickly as possible.

One of the survivors, Yoshekia Brown, lost everything in Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and has been left devastates again after most of her New Orleans home collapsed.

She said: "It's just gone. Like the movie Twister."

Her two-year-old son and three dogs survived, however, and her home is insured.

Another resident, Artie Chaney, added: "When we looked up in the air, we could see the debris in the distance.

"Before we knew it, it was just barrelling down on us. And we ran - the lights went out - we ran down the hallway and to the middle bedroom and then we just heard glass shattering.

"We thought we were not going to make it, to tell you the truth."

Malcolm Ballard, 65, has been left homeless by the tornado and his brother Kevin, 56, was badly injured after the car repair shop he was in collapsed around him.

"I was standing in front of the building at first and I seen something black, twisting," he said.

"Tyres and everything fell on the back of my neck and head."


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