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Toxic milk found in Germany

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The Ministry of the Environment of North Rhine-Westphalia said that in a number of farms in the region of Germany they discovered toxic substances in the milk - so-called aflatoxin, produced by microscopic fungi.

On one of the dairy industry in Hochsauerlandkreis maximum permissible content in milk similar substances that contributed to cancer, was exceeded twice. Now it turns out, it got contaminated products on store shelves. It’s temporarily banned to supply.

Toxins in milk were also found in the cities of Borken Wesel, although their content does not exceed the permissible limits there. Agriculture ministry assumes that the cause of got into production of harmful substances become fodder maize contaminated carcinogenic mold that came from Serbia to Germany.

About a week ago, the Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Rural Affairs of Germany reported that the farmers in the state of Lower Saxony has got 10,000 tons of contaminated carcinogenic mold of corn.

Ban on meat and milk from the region was lifted only on Tuesday after the agricultural products today was deemed safe for the public.

Milk contained alfatoxin was found on some smaller markets of Hungary too. Authorities said there that the products from large dairies are not dangerous to health.

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