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Trimbur: Dance like nobody's watching

The movement called “Dance like nobody’s watching” was launched in December 2011 by Angela Trimbur who went through a bad break-up at the time. She first performed her public dance in a Laundromat after which the footage about it went viral. She is dancing for "I'm Good, I'm Gone" by Lykke Li. This is what she had to say about the song choice: “I just went through a bum of a breakup. I've been mega sad/low. This title caught my eye as I scrolled through- it's fitting!”
Trimbur decided not to stop and she performed again in April 2012 in a mall for Chromeo’s “Fancy Footwork”.
Next time she was sad because she could not go home to her family for the holidays so she decided to cheer herself, and those who could in turn fly out, up in Los Angeles Airport in December 2012 for “Telephone” by The Black Angels.
Since she started to share these videos, many got into the mood and joined Trimbur. People, independent of her, performed dances in different public places like coffee shops, libraries and supermarkets or just simply on the street.
Dance and health has been subject to a number of research studies which show dance to be a very healthy exercise; not only if you have a broken heart like Trimbur had.
Dance is an aerobic exercise so it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, controls weight and improves physical fitness, let alone improving psychological well-being as you jump for the rhythm cheerfully. It makes you happy.

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