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Why 3rd World “Immigration” Is Actually Colonization

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When people ask me what is the #1 problem the West is facing, I always have a simple answer to give. They may be a little surprised to hear it at first, but after I explain it to them, they instinctually know at a gut level that my answer is 100% correct, reported Fash the Nation (US).

What is the simple but hard hitting answer?

“Immigration” Is A Nice Word That Conceals The Truth
What do you think of when you hear the words immigration and immigrant?
I’ll tell you I used to think; false ideas based on an agenda put into my head via public school indoctrination, the Corporate Media, and Hollywood.

What used to pop into my head was: A person who comes to America for a ‘better life’; who wants to work hard, loves freedom and democracy, and who wants to become an American. Someone that once they touch our ‘magic soil’ is just as American as someone whose family has been here generations and can trace their ancestry back to the first English settlers.

Unsurprisingly, I don’t think such silly things anymore.

Yes, it is true that people with similar backgrounds can accomplish that American Dream scenario above, such as Europeans immigrating to the United States.

But that’s not how this all works.

How actually goes is more like this:

More and more non-European foreigners start coming into your nation. They start creating little enclaves (also known as colonies) in your cities. The vast majority of them are on some form of public aid. They can’t speak your language, nor are very interested in your culture at all.

Although none of them have paid into the school systems (your ancestors have been paying into the public funds for generations), they get to send their 4+ children to schools that you paid for at no cost to themselves. Not only that, but taxes must go up in order to hire more teachers to accommodate these students, who generally can’t speak your language well/at all and can’t keep up academically.

What exactly do you and your people get out of these foreigners from the 3rd world entering and occupying your territory and nation?

-Loss of space: you can’t enter certain areas because they are literal 3rd world colonies

-Higher crime: “Poverty causes crime” is a myth. Certain people, cultures, and IQ levels are the ones that cause the vast majority of crime.

-Less say in your own nation: These imported 3rd world people vote against your interests at every chance they get. They will vote for a bigger government (raise your taxes), open borders (more of their cohorts coming in), and restrictions on free speech (silence you)

We Must Call It What It Actually Is
By not calling things by what they actually are, we are actually helping those that wish to harm us.
Purposefully flooding our nation with 3rd world people is not “immigration,” and those 3rd world people coming here are not “immigrants.”

We must speak the truth of what is going on in order for people to actually realize what the dangers and consequences of what is happening really are.

To put it bluntly, mass 3rd world migration is really an invasion, colonization, and conquest of our nations.

Those that come here are colonizers who wish to take from us our wealth, our culture, and ultimately our nation.

The mass flow of foreign people into our nations is nothing short of a form of warfare against us, our families, and our people.

Those that scoff at, dismiss, or refuse to see it for what it really is are either benefiting from the colonization of our nations or cannot put together simple data on demographic trends and changes happening to us.

Let’s look at an example of how this colonial warfare actually plays out in Britain.

Britain has a large (and growing) Pakistani population, with somewhere around 3% of the population of Britain now made up of Pakistanis.

Assuming the rest of the population is actually British (it’s not), the British people now control 97% of their own nation, while Pakistanis control not only 3% of Britain but still 100% of Pakistan.

If nothing changes in the next 50 years, the British are expected to be less than 50% of the population of Britain. What this means is that the British people only control 49% or less of Britain, while the Nigerians, Pakistanis, Indians, Afghanis, and others control 51%+ of Britain, but while also still retaining 100% control of Nigeria, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.

What does this mean?
It means Britain becomes less and less British, while also becoming more and more Pakistani, Indian, Nigerian, and Afghani. Essentially, these nations and people are expanding their territory and influence, while the British people keep losing more and more territory and influence.

Ask yourself: How is demographic replacement via third world migration any different than any other take-over by foreigners?

Let’s look at another example to see this even more clearly.

The colonization and demographic warfare by Mexico of sending its people into our nation to re-take its supposed ‘lost land’ is so blatantly obvious that all you need is 2 maps to know its true.

There is no ‘magic dirt’ that transforms Mexicans into Americans just by crossing a line on a map and entering into American territory.

In the future if nothing is done to stop this demographic replacement, the states that are majority Mexican can simply vote to leave the U.S. and join Mexico, as they will de facto be Mexican territory anyways.

As stated above, what is happening is that the American people lose land and influence to Mexican colonists, while Mexico and its people gain land and influence in its new territories.

To sum up how this works: We LOSE and gain NOTHING from millions of foreigners colonizing our lands, while they WIN and take OUR nation from us.

What is conquest?
– a territory that has been gained by the use of subjugation and military force.

What is subjugation?
– the action of bringing someone or something under domination or control.

What is domination?
– the exercise of control or influence over someone or something, or the state of being so controlled.

What is having foreigners numerically outnumber you and your people, losing your homeland, and becoming a hated minority in your now conquered nation?

It Is Not Too Late to Fix This
I don’t see what is happening to our nations as the inevitable destruction of our way of life. Rather, I see it as a test by nature and by God; to make our people struggle, so that we will come out the other side stronger than we have ever been before.

This whole ‘let’s flood every White European nation with 3rd world non-Europeans’ is not something our people and our society have ever faced. This is a new threat and challenge that we are facing.

We just happened to be the ones born into this mess.

I don’t really like too many modern day movies, but my favorite movie as a child was the Lord of the Rings movies, especially the second one, The Two Towers.

Who else didn’t imagine themselves at Helms Deep; on the walls with all of your brothers, looking down at the vast hordes that were hell bent on wiping you and your people off the face of the Earth?

We are at that point in time now.

We are the ones on the wall. We are the ones standing between total annihilation of our people, our culture, and everything we hold dear, and saving everything we cherish and love on this planet.

This task was given to us; and we will either rise to the challenge and save ourselves, or our people and culture will forever be a footnote in the book of human history.

We only live once; we might as well be known as the heroes that saved our people and saved the West. Let’s go.

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