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Woman missing for 27 years found in wall

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A skeleton found walled-up in a basement full of junk has been identified as a first-grade teacher reported missing by her husband more than 27 years ago, reported Sky News.

JoAnn Nichols disappeared in December 1985.

Her husband James Nichols died of natural causes last December, aged 82.

Authorities say a contractor cleaning hoarded items and debris out of the Nichols' home in upstate New York found the bones in a sealed container behind a false basement wall.

The Dutchess County medical examiner's office identified the remains as those of JoAnn Nichols, based on dental records.

Dr Kari Reiber said the 55-year-old woman died from a blow to the head.

Poughkeepsie Police said the investigation into her death continues.

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Location: United Kingdom
Location: United Kingdom
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