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World's most expensive necklace for auction

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The world's most expensive necklace goes on sale this month at a jewellery show in Singapore, Sky news reports.

Known as L'Incomparable, the necklace is valued at $55m.

It was created by luxury jeweller Mouawad and features a yellow, internally flawless diamond of more than 407 carats suspended from a rose gold setting that is studded with 90 white diamonds weighing nearly 230 carats.
Despite the astronomical price tag, "serious interest" has been expressed by a couple of potential buyers from Asia, said Jean Nasr, managing director of Mouawad in Singapore.

"People who will get something like this are looking at it from a different perspective because this is definitely an investment piece," he said.

The necklace, whose centrepiece diamond was found by chance in a pile of mining rubble by a young girl in the Democratic Republic of Congo about 30 years ago, will be the flashiest item on offer at the Singapore JewelFest.

While Singapore boasts a very low crime rate, security officials are taking no chances after the daylight heist of about $136m worth of jewellery on show at a hotel in the French Riviera resort of Cannes in July.

Security includes armed guards, plainclothes supervisors, cameras, motion detectors and bullet-proof display cases.

Every night the piece will go back to a vault via armoured truck.

L'Incomparable was completed in 2012 and certified as the priciest necklace in existence by Guinness World Records earlier this year.

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Location: Singapore
Location: Singapore
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