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Would you wear denim custom ripped by lions?

Japanese brand Zoo Jeans describes its product as "the only jeans on earth designed by dangerous animals". It may sound like the work of Zoolander designer Mugatu, but it is actually sort of true.

"Designed" is a stretch but animals including lions, tigers and bears are certainly involved in the process. Tyres are covered in denim and thrown into the animals' compounds at Kamine zoo in Hitachi, Japan. The animals play with these toys and, hey presto, said denim is torn, ripped and shredded in ways that industrial production could only imitate.

While sandblasting has been exposed as being hazardous to workers' health, the demand for denim complete with pre-made rips and tears remains strong.

Zoo may have a market in animal lovers – proceeds from the jeans go towards renovating Kamine zoo.

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