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'You Could See Panic On Steward's Face'

Passengers on flight BA2276 have told how the flight crew suddenly ordered them to evacuate the plane as they realised an engine had burst into flames.

Jacob Steinberg told Sky News he was asleep ahead of take-off when the plane "came to a crashing halt" and he smelt smoke.

He said: "The air stewards were saying 'stay seated, stay seated' and some people were panicking, running off.

"Within about a minute or so, suddenly they said 'evacuate the plane, evacuate the plane'."

He said you "could see the look of panic" on the face of an air stewardess after she opened one of the doors and smoke poured into the cabin.

Mr Steinberg said the pilot looked "pretty shook up" as he spoke to passengers, who applauded him after the incident.

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