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18-year old girl puts her vagina on student newspaper's front page

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Lily was one of 18 young women who agreed to have their vaginas photographed and published on the cover of a student newspaper at the University of Sydney, reported News.co.au.

Four thousand copies of the Honi Soit paper were confiscated by the university's Student Representative Council after an edition was distributed featuring uncensored vaginas on the front cover.

The cover was supposed to make women feel better about their own bodies by showing them what normal vaginas look like.

"We are tired of society giving us a myriad of things to feel about our own bodies," the editors of Honi Soit said on Facebook. "We are tired of having to attach anxiety to our vaginas."

Social media was soon set alight under the hashtag #vaginasoit, drawing both praise and condemnation.

Lily, an 18-year-old student at the university, has no regrets. In fact, she's proud of her contribution to the controversial campaign.

"I'm proud to be a part of the project because I've already had women come up to me and thank me for helping them in the process of coming to terms with their own bodies, and how in some ways they don't fit the porn-standardised lie, but are still normal and still beautiful," Lily told news.com.au .

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