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200 year-old Rock Fish caught in Alaska

If you believe in yourself, any fin is possible.

A Seattle insurance adjustor caught a record-setting rockfish last month that may be more than two centuries old, the Daily Sitka Sentinel reported.

Liebman caught the 39.08-pound critter in late June while fishing in Sitka, Alaska, breaking the record for largest shortraker caught on sport fishing gear.

The previous record-holding fish weighed 38.69 pounds and was 175 years old, according to Troy Tydingco of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Since Liebman's catch is even bigger, Tydingco believes it's older, too.

“That fish was 32-and-a-half inches long, where Henry’s was almost 41 inches, so his could be substantially older," Tydingo told the Sentinel.

Biologists are in the process of determining the fish's actual age. If Tydingco is correct, that means the fish was around before Alaska was purchased by the U.S. in 1867.

Not everyone is excited about the catch. The New York Daily News reports that some Twitter users are reeling with anger about the animal's death.

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