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2.6 Million People Will Send Themselves A Card On Valentine's Day

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With the most romantic day of the year upon us, it's the time to pull out all the stops to impress that certain someone - even if that certain someone is yourself, it seems, reported LADbible.

That's right, among all of the overpriced darkly-lit meals for two and his 'n' hers breakfasts in bed of Valentine's Day, there are also some folk out there determined to give themselves a bit of love, too.

According to research from Royal Mail, over 22 million adults in the UK will send a Valentine's Day card this year - but within that includes 2.6 million people who will actually send themselves a card. Whether that's to appear more popular, to make someone jealous or just to get involved in any way they can is anyone's guess.

Royal Mail spokesperson Mark Street said: "This research shows that written communication remains at the top of the list when it comes to matters of the heart. Taking the time to write down how you feel about someone continues to be the best way to keep the romance in your relationship alive."

Mums and dads often get involved, too, with 18 percent of loving (though perhaps over-protective) parents apparently preparing to post a card to their children - and 67 percent of those admitting to doing to because of worries that their children won't otherwise receive any. You can practically feel the mass eye roll from embarrassed 13 year olds up and down the country.

In a similarly sad move, one percent of people will be sending cards to their pets, even though we're pretty sure none of them will have the required opposable thumbs to peel open that envelope.

The same study revealed that just under one in five people will surrender to nostalgia and send a Valentine's Day card to an old flame - which is perhaps a bit better than the quick 'You out?' text most people get at 1am.

And that's clearly something that works, with one in ten people having started a relationship by sending out a card, so might be a good idea to bear that in mind next time you head to drunk dial an ex.

While just over half of the population will send one Valentine's Day card, 13 percent of people have mailed cards to more than three people to mark the occasion. Expensive stuff, given the price of stamps these days.

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