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Adorable baby dolphin does a little happy dance after being freed

A baby dolphin whose life was in danger after getting trapped up in a plastic bag appeared to thank his rescuers by doing a little dance - reports The Daily Mail.

The tiny mammal was filmed by a group of fishermen thrashing about in the waters off the coast of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

As they get closer, they notice the stricken animal is inside a green shopping bag.

They use a net to scoop him up and haul him into the boat then one of the men removes the bag as the agitated calf whips its tail around.

The dolphin is then returned to the ocean near Fort Itapiu.

But to the joy of all those on aboard, the dolphin suddenly flips out of the water and waggles back and forth in the upright position - a gesture interpreted by some as a way of saying thank you.

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