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Astronaut Tim Peake's View Of London At Night

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British astronaut Tim Peake has given his hundreds of thousands of social media followers an insight into his view from space after tweeting a photo of London at night.

He said he preferred to be in the International Space Station than be back on Earth but joked "only just!"

Major Peake, who is on a six-month mission on the ISS, said the picture was taken at midnight on Saturday.

It shows the lightest areas being in the centre of the capital as well as major roads being lit up.

He is the first British astronaut on the ISS and during his time there he will carry out scientific experiments and also plans to run a distance equivalent to the London Marathon.

Major Peake, who blasted into space in December and is employed by the European Space Agency, has already carried out a spacewalk - the first Briton to do so.

The astronaut, from Chichester, West Sussex, described his walk as one that "will be etched in my memory forever" and even managed to tweet a 'selfie'.

He and American colleague Colonel Tim Kopra's mission, which was terminated 90 minutes early owing to a "small amount of water" in Kopra's helmet, saw them fix a broken power unit successfully.

Back in the safety of the airlock, Major Peake  wrote: "Huge thanks to the ground teams who make it all possible and keep us safe out there - you guys rock!"

He recently asked school children to take part in an experiment to study the effects of micro-gravity on seeds.

In a video sent from the ISS, he was seen holding a 2kg packet of "rocket seeds" that have been kept on board in a weightless environment since September.

In April, up to 10,000 schools will grow and compare the seeds flown into space with others on Earth as part a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and UK Space Agency project, Rocket Science.

His latest tweet to accompany his London photo read: "London midnight Saturday - I'd rather be up here…but only just!! #toughcall."

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