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Baby girl survives car crash straight after birth

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A baby girl born in a car in Sweden is recovering after it crashed during her first few seconds of life, reported Euronews.

Startled to see his wife give birth alongside him as he drove the whole family to hospital in the eastern city of Gävle, the baby’s father took his eyes off the road and swerved into a ditch.

The car rolled over four times but miraculously no-one was badly hurt.

“She told me: ‘She’s coming out! She’s coming out!’… I saw my daughter arrive and fall straight onto the floor head first,” said Mokhles Raheema.

As the car stabilised, he saw his wife beside him and two other children, aged one and eight, in the back seat. At first there was no sign of the newborn baby.

Finally she was found safe under the passenger seat. “I held her against me, she was crying,” said the father.

Another motorist witnessed the accident and alerted the emergency services, who took the family to hospital.

“I feel better. But I have pain all over my body,” the mother Samaher Mezban told Swedish television. “I’m very happy that my family survived.”

The father later apologised for writing off his friend’s car.

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