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Brad Pitt tips waiter $700 at Angelina Jolie's birthday meal

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Brad Pitt certainly made someone's day when he tipped a waitress $700 following his fiancée’s birthday meal at a Japanese restaurant in Berlin earlier this week.

The 49 year-old Hollywood legend is currently promoting new movie World War Z in Europe and has brought his family along with him, all six of the Jolie Pitt children joined the glamorous couple for the birthday meal following the German premiere of the zombie movie on Tuesday night.

According to German newspaper ‘Bild’ the family arrived at around 9pm and ordered around $1000 of food, almost everything on the menu.

“They are so cool,” the waiter told the newspaper.

“At nine o’clock at night, they were there at the door,” he recalls, “They took their shoes off, like all guests.”

According to the waiter Brad came and paid up paying, $1,846 in cash.

“That’s good,” he reportedly said.
Revealing his excitement about serving the A list family, the 24 year-old added: “My knees were shaking,”

"I shared the tip with 15 of my colleagues.”

"The kids sang Happy Birthday to Angelina and a strawberry pudding cake was brought out."

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