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Christmas Light-Covered Car is Fined

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Every holiday season for the past five years, the people of this South Carolina community have always been on the lookout for one of its most beloved fixtures: a car that is covered in Christmas lights, courtesy of Brandon Wooden, reported Good News Network.

Wooden has made it his Yuletide tradition to decorate the exterior of his car with nets of Christmas lights, all of which are hooked up to a power supply within the vehicle.

“I just like to see people’s reactions, spread a little love, joy,” he told WAFB. “I call it, ‘spread the glow.’”

While Wooden says that most people are usually delighted by his festive display, a Beaufort police officer was not as jolly.

Earlier this week, Wooden was pulled over by a cop who wrote him a hefty $232 ticket for ‘improper lighting’.

When a woman named Darlene Tinkerdar Barnett heard about Wooden’s ticket, however, she started a GoFundMe page to pay for the infraction.

“He brings joy to our community by driving around his specially lighted vehicle thru out the Christmas holiday,” said Barnett.

“So many of y’all have been thrilled to see this vehicle, and this is not a reflection on law enforcement. I am simply asking – as a community – we all step up and help to pay the ticket for this hard-working young man.”

Within three days, Beaufort residents donated enough money to pay for the ticket and the GoFundMe fees.

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