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Countries with the sexiest men and women

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Colombian women and British men have been voted the world's hottest nationalities, reported News.com.au.

That's according to a survey by US website Misstravel.com, who asked 31,000 women which countries had the sexiest men, while 13,000 men picked the most attractive women.

No doubt the results were inspired by the Sofia Vergaras and David Bechkams of the world!

South America and Europe dominated in the survey, while Australian men and women failed to make the cut. Italian men were also left off the list.

The Misstravel.com site describes itself as an "online dating site for travellers".

Sexiest men:
1. British
2. Irish
3. Brazilian
4. Swedish
5. American
6. Spanish
7. Scottish
8. French
9. Greek
10. Puerto Rican

Sexiest women:
1. Colombian
2. Brazilian
3. American
4. Spanish
5. Russian
6. Dutch
7. French
8. Bulgarian
9. Swedish
10. Italian

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