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Demolition of NJ coaster wrecked by Sandy

Demolition work has begun on one of the most symbolic structures left damaged in the wake of Superstorm Sandy's devastation of the New Jersey shoreline.

During the storm on October 29 last year, the Jet Star Roller Coaster had plunged off into the ocean where it had remained until Tuesday when demolition started.

Images of the Jet Star stranded in the sea have become synonymous with Sandy and had been used to sell memorabilia to raise money for storm victims.

The work began Tuesday afternoon not long after Prince Harry's visit to the Jersey Shore tourist destination of Seaside Heights to tour Sandy damage and rebuilding with Gov. Chris Christie.

A spokeswoman for Casino Pier said the work to demolish the structure will take about four days with crews working around the clock.

As crews tore down the landmark roller coaster, officials announced a new thrill ride for Casino Pier with the provocative name of Superstorm.

'We hope that it’s perceived in a positive way, that we’re back, we know the force of Mother Nature, and that we respect that, and this is our way of celebrating it,' said Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers.

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