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Dozens Die In Syria Barrel Bomb Attacks

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A baby has been pulled alive from the rubble of one of several barrel bomb attacks carried out in Syria since Wednesday morning.

Government forces were behind the attacks in which the barrel bombs - "homemade" containers packed with explosives - were used in northern Syria, according to monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

They occurred as Islamic State jihadists were closing in on the provincial capital Hasakeh, the group said.

Three separate fatal bombings were reported in Aleppo province in the north and Idlib province in the northwest on Wednesday.

Eighteen people were killed, including eight children, were killed in Tal Rifaat in Aleppo, when government helicopters dropped at least four of the devices, the Britain-based monitor said.

Two children were among 11 civilians who died when a barrel bomb exploded in the rebel-held eastern neighbourhood of Jubb al-Qubbeh in Aleppo city.

Eight members of one family died in an attack in the town of Kafr Sijna in Idlib province, the group said.

Barrel bombs have often fallen on schools, hospitals and markets in Syria and human rights groups are heavily critical of them, saying they kill a disproportionate number of civilians.

Syrian President Bashar al Assad has denied his troops use the bombs but evidence has been collected of the barrels being pushed out of helicopters.

Human Rights Watch has also said there is "strong evidence" the regime has dropped barrel bombs containing toxic chemicals on northern Syria.

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