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Dutch cyclist breaks world land-speed record

Dutch cyclist Sebastiaan Bowier broke the land speed record on a bicycle, riding in Nevada. Sebastiaan Bowier hit a speed of 133.78 kph.

Sebastiaan Bowier reached a rip-roaring 133.78 kph in the high-tech recumbent bike developed by students from Delft University of Technology and VU University Amsterdam.

This set a new world record, making him the world's fastest cyclist travelling 0.6 kph faster than the previous record holder, Canadian Sam Wittingham.

In addition to Sebastiaan's record-breaking speed, another cyclist in the Delft (Amsterdam) team, Wil Baselmans secured third place in the world record ranking with a speed of 127.43 kph, just behind Bowier and Wittingham.

The speeds were achieved on a 200 meter stretch of road, with a run-up of 8 km across a totally straight route in the Nevada desert, US. In this event the Delft team opted for a recumbent bike called VeloX3 using a shell with extremely low air resistance.

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