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Flight Delays After 'Bomb Threat' At Airport

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Police were called after a suspicious item was found on a plane at Bristol Airport after it arrived from Spain.

Passengers were evacuated and all flights diverted while the situation was dealt with late on Saturday.

The airport has since reopened, but further delays are expected.

A statement from Bristol Airport said: "Police have been called after a suspicious item was found during a routine aircraft inspection following the arrival at Bristol Airport of Ryanair flight FR8297 from Alicante at 23:43 on Saturday 22 August."

The airport later said: "The terminal building has now reopened and passengers are advised to check in as normal. 

"However, some delays to flights may be expected throughout the morning. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to passengers."

Joe Mallett was on a flight from Marrakech to Bristol, but his flight was diverted to Cardiff.

"We starting circling at Bristol and then the pilot came through on the intercom and said there had been a bomb threat in Bristol," he told Sky News.

"We've been moved to Cardiff now... it's a lot of hassle really. We've been here now for two hours. We're only now being put into taxis back to Bristol."

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