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'Force Ukraine to choose sides is dangerous'

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Forcing Ukraine to choose between close ties with Russia or the EU is "dangerous", the Russian foreign minister has said.

Urging the European Union and the United States not to intervene in shaping the country's future, Sergei Lavrov said: "It's dangerous and counterproductive to try to force upon a Ukraine a choice on the principle: 'You are either with us or against us'."

His warning came as Ukraine's acting president Oleksandr Turchinov said he will meet with officials to discuss "dangerous signs of separatism" in some areas.

Meanwhile, the country's parliament delayed forming a new government until Thursday.

Ukraine was moving to deepen its ties to Europe when Yanukovych announced this past November that he was abandoning an agreement with the European Union and instead was seeking closer cooperation with Moscow. Protesters took to the streets, seizing control of Kiev City Hall and coming under brutal attack by police. Dozens of people were killed in clashes last week.

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