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Formula 1 crisis: Pirelli confirm tyre changes for Germany and beyond

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Following the failures in Sunday’s race at Silverstone, Pirelli have announced that Kevlar-belted tyres - as tested in Canada recently - will be used throughout this weekend’s German Grand Prix. A new range of tyres will then be introduced from the following round in Hungary.

After extensive investigations, Pirelli cited a series of causes for the incidents: teams choosing to mount the asymmetric rear tyres the wrong way round; the use of lower than recommended tyre pressures; the use of extreme camber angles; and particularly aggressive kerbing on fast corners at Silverstone.

“What happened at Silverstone was completely unexpected and it was the first time that anything like this has ever occurred in more than a century of Pirelli in motorsport,” said Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s motorsport director. “These incidents, which have upset us greatly, have stressed the urgency of the changes that we already suggested - which will be introduced for free practice in Germany on Friday.”

The rear tyres to be used in Germany have a Kevlar construction that replaces the current steel structure with the re-introduction of the 2012 belt, to ensure maximum stability and roadholding. Given that these tyres are asymmetric as well, it will be strictly forbidden to swap them round. The front tyres, by contrast, will remain unaltered.

The tyres for the Hungarian Grand Prix onwards will combine the characteristics of the 2012 tyres with the performance of the 2013 compounds. Essentially, the new tyres will have a structure, construction and belt identical to that of 2012, which ensured maximum performance and safety. The compounds will be the same as those used throughout 2013, which guaranteed faster lap times and a wider working range.

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