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Free Syrian Army Rebels Join Fight For Kobani

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Rebels from the Free Syrian Army have joined Kurdish fighters in their battle to defend Kobani from Islamic State militants, officials have confirmed - reported the SkyNews.

As many as 150 men travelled to the embattled town, on the Turkey-Syria border, in the early hours of Wednesday. They were escorted in an eight-vehicle convoy.

But the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it believed just 50 Free Syrian Army fighters have been deployed to the town.

US and allied airstrikes have continued to target IS positions near Kobani

Their arrival came at the same time as that of Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga troops, who were sent to Kobani with the blessing of the Turkish and Iraqi governments.

It is thought that the group are equipped with anti-armour and anti-tank weapons to help defend themselves from IS fighters.

The US State Department has said it "certainly encourages" the deployment of Iraqi Kurds to the embattled region.

Since IS launched its assault on Kobani and surrounding villages, more than 800 people have died, with an estimated 200,000 people fleeing across the border into Turkey for refuge.

On Tuesday, a video purporting to show British hostage John Cantlie in Kobani was released by IS.

In the footage, Mr Cantlie discounted claims that IS militants had been driven out of the town and said US-led airstrikes were not halting their advances.

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