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How and why Banksy, the legendary street artist remains anonymous

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The name Banksy has appeared in headlines across Canada on more than one occasion over the past couple of months, reported Global News (Canada).

Much of the news has been thanks to an exhibit in Toronto showcasing 80 original pieces borrowed from private collectors and curated by Banksy’s former agent Steve Lazarides.

Many artists and art lovers alike agree that much of Banksy’s appeal is not only attributed to his subversive stencil art but also to the fact that his identity remains a mystery.

“I am just astonished that in 2018 — social media, surveillance age — that for this long and at this level, we still don’t know who he is,” Emily Carr University of Art + Design professor Phil Smith told Global News.

While there have been a number of attempts to unmask Banksy over the years and there are a variety of theories about who he really is, none have been confirmed.

“Is it a group of artists? Is it Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack? No one knows and that combination of celebrity and mystery is very very potent,” Smith added.

Lazarides said even if his identity was revealed, no one would believe it.

He worked with Banksy for over a decade and compared a night out with Banksy to a scene out of Ocean’s 11.

In the video above, Lazarides reveals details about the time Banksy smuggled a freeze-dried rat into London’s Natural History Art Museum. He also talks about the many scams, including a “film producer scam” they used to escape authorities.

You’ll also hear from Montreal artist Peter Gibson — AKA Roadsworth — who attempted to use Banksy-esque methods to transform street signs into works of art across the city in the early 2000s.

He used to be referred to as the Canadian Banksy, until he got caught and arrested in 2004.

“As soon as I got arrested and outed, and people were able to put a face to the artwork, it diminished the power of the artwork itself,” he said.

“Banksy is aware of that and managed to preserve the mystery and power.”

Global News reached out to Banksy for a phone interview but have yet to hear back.

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