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Huge Lego art show opens in Times Square

Some artists express themselves in oil paint or bronze or clay. Nathan Sawaya's preferred medium these days is Legos.

The contemporary artist transforms those colorful plastic bricks that delight children, wreak havoc on vacuum cleaners and inflict pain on bare feet, into amazing sculptures.

His show, The Art of the Brick, opens today at Discovery Times Square exhibit space in New York after successful runs in Singapore, Taiwan and Australia - reports USA Today.

It's being billed as the largest display of Lego art ever assembled in one place (which gets you pondering as to what exactly qualifies as Lego art, but never mind).

Sawaya has created new works for the New York show, featuring more than 100 sculptures constructed from millions of plastic bricks.

And If you've visited a Legoland theme park and think you've seen Lego sculptures, expect edgier stuff from Sawaya. Check out the sculpture of an angst-ridden life-size yellow figure ripping open his chest to reveal a cascade of yellow bricks...

The show runs through Jan. 5.

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