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India tiger attacks: 'Man-eater' kills seven people

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The number of people killed by a tiger on the loose in India has reportedly risen to seven, as thousands of terrified villagers are forced to stay inside, Sky News reports.

Hunters are looking for the female "man-eater" who has been prowling for food across a forested area spanning 80 miles in Uttar Pradesh state for the past fortnight.

The animal is said to be still hungry as it has been "running without rest and adequate food", according to the principal chief conservator of forests, Rupak De.

He said: "A hunt has been launched to kill the tigress that has turned into a man-eater."

Reports began surfacing late last year that a killer tiger was on the loose when a 65-year-old man was mauled in Sambhai district.

Its latest victim was a woman whose body was found on Tuesday.

People are terrified and have been told not to go into forested areas alone, according to an official.

Three hunters have been hired to kill the tigress, who is believed to have strayed into the area from Jim Corbett National Park.

But wildlife activist and MP Meneka Gandhi has asked the regional government not to shoot her.

In a letter to officials, she said the animal was only attacking people because it was hungry and would spare humans once it returns to its natural habitat.

She said the government should capture the tiger and release it in the neighbouring state of Uttarakhand.

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